Spring 2018


Adventure and exploration are at the heart of the Bernhardt brand.
Arabica Shade Grown Organic Our travels and life experiences have taken us around the world and we've been fortunate to meet great people and visit remarkable locations. We were introduced to the finest shade grown, certified organic Arabica coffee beans available and a roasting technique that is unparalleled in the commercial market.


Very few coffee companies make the investment and commitment to having all aspects of their operations entirely certified— we do!

Swiss Decaf, Light Roast, Medium, Dark Roast The Bernhardt brand reaches unsurpassed standards and represents the top one percent in quality throughout the coffee industry. Bernhardt Coffee is simply the best and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our four blends conform to our self-imposed high standard of simple, unsurpassed quality.


Welcome to the world of Bernhardt.
How many times have we heard the phrase... I wish I had... when the years behind are of greater number than the ones ahead?
The world is magnificent; opportunities for learning and exploring are infinite. We need to breathe deeply, dream large and step off the edge of safety into the exhilaration of the unknown, while we are able.

To travel, to live fully in all that we do, to nurture our curiosity and sense of wonder, to seek out the good and authentic, to decry the cheap and corrupt, to be stalwart shepherds of our beautiful planet— these should be the goals of every intrepid adventurer, every curious explorer, and all enthusiastic lovers of life.
In our small way, we at Bernhardt Coffee try to live up to these ideals. In producing our bird-friendly, high-altitude, certified organic coffee we avoid contributing to deforestation and the unnecessary use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, resulting in a product we are truly proud of.

Please take the time to research how conventional coffee.... is produced. Then taste the real thing; the deeply satisfying, pure and unadulterated flavor of Bernhardt. See what others are saying about Bernhardt Organic Coffee.